Quick Steps for Renting a Post Office Box

Learn how to get a PO Box
Getting a PO Box is easy :)
Getting a postal box allows you to collect mail at a central location. This provides you with some safety for both your identity and your mail. There are so many options available that it is easy to find a PO box that perfectly fits everything that you need. Since there are several factors to consider, you want to understand what comes with them before you make the commitment. This makes it easier to obtain and maintain your box for as long as you will need it, for either residential or commercial purposes.

When you are ready to get your box, there are several steps you will complete to ensure that everything is done properly, and these include:

a)     Choose the size of the box you need and the location of the box. Boxes come in two small sizes, a medium size and two large sizes. A USPS employee can help you to choose the perfect box size if you tell them about the type of mail that you are expecting to receive.

b)     Once you have all of the above figured out, it is time to actually go and get your box. You can do this in person by presenting two forms of identification and filling out Form 1583. You can also choose to reserve your box online and bring two forms of identification when you arrive to get the keys you will need to unlock the box.

c)     Once your box is ready to go, you will need to redirect your mail to your PO box and this involves a change of address form. You will also need to contact all people and companies individually to make the address change formal.

How Much Does a Post Office Box Cost?

The cost of a post office box varies and it depends on several factors. You will need to go through the process of renting a box to get an exact price. The size of the box and its location are the two primary factors to consider when it comes to pricing. If you get a box in an area with a low PO box demand, you will pay less than you will in a large city where these boxes are highly sought after. How long you rent the box for and whether you keep it for the duration of your rental agreement will also impact the price of the box.

Common Reasons Why You Need a PO Box

PO boxes come with many advantages and you want to know what these are before you dive in and rent your box. This allows you to make better decisions as to the location of your box and the size of the box that you choose to get your mail. The following are common benefits associated with renting a PO box:

a)     Renting a PO box gives you a higher level of security for your mail. Only the right key is able to access the box so the theft of mail is not something that you will need to worry about. Mail theft from home boxes is increasing, so a PO box is always a good idea.

b)     You generally get your mail and packages faster before the USPS hosts the PO box.

c)     The pricing for a PO box is very affordable so it is easy to obtain and rent on a monthly basis.

d)     You enjoy a greater level of privacy when you have a PO box because you do not have to tell people where to live to get your mail and other packages.

How and Why to Get a Business PO Box

You will set up a PO box for a business just like you set up a residential one. The biggest thing to consider is the space you need and the various vender restrictions. If you get a lot of packages in the mail, you will need to choose a larger box so that it fully accommodates them. When it comes to vendors, some companies will not send to a PO box, so you must know this before you go to rent one so that you can make the proper arrangements for the vendors who will not send mail to them.

Setting Up a PO Box in Another City

You can get a PO box to use in another city. This is convenient because it means that you only need to visit the post office when you need to pick up your mail. When you are going through the different options available, you will need to determine the size of the box that you need. This will depend on how often you plan to pick up your mail and the size of the packages that you often receive. You can get information about the different box sizes available on the USPS website.

Choosing the Rental Time for a PO Box

Before you finish getting your PO box, take a few minutes to decide how long you will want it for. You can rent these boxes for varying amounts of time, with the minimum being three months. However, you can also choose six and 12 months options if you feel that you will need it longer. After the rental agreement is up, you can choose to extend it and keep your PO box or end it and choose another way to receive your mail.

As you can see, there are many options and features associated with getting and having a PO box. These come with a wide variety of benefits and they make receiving your mail a lot easier. Whether you need one for residential or commercial purposes, make sure that the box you choose is the right size to receive all of the mail and packages that you generally accept on a weekly basis. Talk to a USPS employee to determine the best size for the box if you are unsure of what is available.